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How To Achieve A Stunning Wedding Bouquet

An elegant yet scene-stealing floral bouquet is the perfect addition to any bridal look on their wedding day. Minimalist wedding bouquets have never been more on trend for a 2022 wedding!

Tip #1

Find flowers/greenery that blend well with one another.

For a sleek and modern take on wedding bouquets, gravitate towards delicate white flowers with greenery or take the one flower bouquet look which is easy to achieve. Incorporate certain flowers based on the season of your wedding.

Tip #2

Narrow down the size and shape.

A bouquet should flatter your body type and wedding gown rather than overshadowing the main event of the day, you! Bouquets are designed to be complimentary not distracting.

Tip #3

Research if you are looking to achieve an unstructured or structured wedding bouquet.

Both are beautiful options and you can't go wrong with either. Unstructured bouquets tend to be more unexpected and make a statement as it is the less traditional route.

Tip #4

Hold the bouquet at the height of your waist.

In order to showcase the stunning neckline of the gown you have on and not distract from you glowing, make sure you keep your wedding bouquet low enough for photographers to capture it all.

Tip #5

Use flowers that bring joy to you on your special day.

Incorporate sentimental flowers to bring a personal aspect to your bouquet that will make you smile for years to come.

Thank you for reading along. Keep up with more bridal inspiration from Hanna Gotz Studio on Instagram.


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