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How To Choose Your Wedding Color Palette

Carefully choosing the right color palette is crucial to having a connected wedding theme all around.

1.Pick the color scheme of your wedding to match your venue

Incorporating the venue of your wedding day is important when deciding on a color palette as you want the colors to all be cohesive. An outdoor wedding vs. an indoor ballroom wedding will need different colors that blend with the surroundings rather than clash with it.

2.Incorporate any colors that mean something to you first so you can work around it

If there is a certain color that needs to be apart of your day such as a specific color flower, it is crucial to include that early on in the color palette decisions.

3.Match the tone of your wedding

A romantic, bright, upbeat wedding is going to differ from a classic, minimalist wedding when choosing a wedding color scheme. Going for pastels, neutrals, or vibrant colors all depends on what you want your special day to look like to match the vibe!

4.Think of seasonal colors

Occasionally it can help to plan your color palette around the time of year your wedding is taking place in. This does not mean you have to only use colors that fit into the traditional seasonal category but it can be a good guide for the brides who aren't sure where to start.

5.Lean towards colors that are timeless in your eyes

You want a color palette that will always make you happy you chose it for years to come. Stay away from colors that are just trendy in the moment to ensure you have a color scheme that captivates you and your partners vision for years to come.

6.Avoid clashing or too many colors

Colors are fun! Try not to get carried away though and have different colors everywhere as it will take away from the theme and tone of your wedding decorations.

7.Don't let it get your crazy!

Use a color palette as just a guide not the end all be all. Not everything has to be exactly on theme for your wedding day especially if everything you incorporate has a sentimental meaning to yourself and your love story.

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