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How To Style HGS Bridal Pieces

We put together our best fashion tips to help you style our Hanna Gotz Studio bridal pieces.

One thing that sets HGS apart from other bridal studios is our fresh take on traditional bridal wear. We create sophisticated and elegant pieces for the modern, fashion-forward bride. Our bridal separates can be styled in unlimited ways to show off your personal style. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to have special moments beyond the wedding day. Whether you wear the bridal look you've created on your honeymoon, anniversary or even to a party, the possibilities in styling and unforgettable moments are infinite.

We love being able to offer a more sustainable option, especially in the bridal industry. Part of the fun is playing with the limitless combinations. We love it too, so we put together a few ideas, just for you.

Keep scrolling to see some of our styling ideas.

1. Styling the Lia Top

2. Styling For A Summer Wedding

3. Styling For A Civil Wedding

We hope these styling tips leave you inspired and excited to create your own looks for all of your upcoming wedding festivities.

Head over to the HGS Instagram here and follow to see behind-the-scenes, collaborations, and more. You don't want to miss out!


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