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Modern Alternatives to Traditional Engagement Rings

In 2023, engaged couples are beginning to ditch diamonds for beautiful stones that are unique, ethical, and more cost-friendly.


A common concern of not having a diamond engagement ring is its lack of durability. With diamonds coming in as the hardest naturally occurring substance, it is easy to understand why they are a trusted stone to be worn daily, for years. Moissanite is the second-hardest stone, looks very similar to diamonds, and can be purchased for ten times less. Choose moissanite for an elegant, modern twist on a classic stone.


Sapphire is a great stone choice because of its color variety. While deep blue sapphire is the quintessential look, the gem comes in bright whites, violets, yellows, and more. While their durability may not be as high as real diamonds, they offer a unique pop of color for a fraction of the price. Embrace your boldness with a showstopping stone like sapphire for your engagement ring.


For the individual who wants to incorporate "something blue" into their special day, aquamarine is the perfect stone to do so. Its light hint of blue is so subtle that it does not overpower like a darker gemstone might. Aquamarine is a more affordable option as opposed to diamonds and is very durable (7.5-8 on the Moh's hardness scale, just under the highest of 10). No need to worry about it getting severely damaged throughout your marriage. Pair the stone with a gold setting for even more of a pop, as its warm tone compliments blue perfectly.


Being a very common stone, quartz is not extremely valuable. Its durability is slightly less than aquamarine at a 7 on the hardness scale but is one of the most affordable gems. Amethyst and rose quartz are the two most popular variations of quartz used in engagement rings, but there are far more colors to choose from. If rarity is not high on your list and you are seeking a unique yet budget-friendly ring to symbolize your engagement, quartz may just be right for you.

Lab-Grown Diamond

Though it may be the most classic engagement ring stone, there is nothing traditional about a lab-grown diamond. Created in a controlled environment very similar to one where natural diamonds develop, lab-created diamonds have the same chemical makeup as natural diamonds. They are real diamonds, but cost less and are ethically sourced. Though natural diamonds are the most rare, mining for them can cause environmental damage and human conflict. Get the classic diamond ring you have always dreamed of being proposed to while still being sustainable.

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