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Our HGS Bride IRL: Gabriela’s Timeless Turkish Wedding

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Earlier this year, one of our HGS brides, Gabriela, held her dream wedding in Gocek, Turkey. Here is a look at how she styled her custom Hanna Gotz Studio gown and venue to fit her timeless and romantic aesthetic.

The Venue

The couple’s nuptials took place at Adaia Gocek; a tropical island wedding venue located in Gocek, Turkey. Their venue complemented the waterside view with glowing wicker chandeliers and warm toned floral arrangements.

A closer look at their wedding tablescape, shows their continued color scheme using orange floral arrangements, with green details and delicate red rose serviette art for each place setting. The florals and simple white candle centerpieces embody a modern romantic and tropical feel.

The Bride

After numerous meetings and consultations with designer Hanna Gotz, the bride and Hanna were able to create a sensual and sentimental gown suiting all of the bride’s needs, highlighting both her figure and personal style.

The gown’s material was sourced from Gabriela’s mother-in-law in Turkey. This gorgeous delicate lace not only highlights her individuality but also holds precious sentimental value.

The Groom

Groom, Metin, perfectly complemented his bride in this sleek and modern white tuxedo, pairing it with a pop of powder blue. He also tied in his own personal style with circular black sunglasses to match his classic bowtie.

To incorporate their wedding color scheme, Metin wore a delicate dark red rose brooch upon his lapel, also matching their tablescape’s serviette design.

Cheers to the happy couple!

Take a deeper dive into Gabriela's Custom Experience with Hanna Gotz Studio.

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