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The Beauty Of An Outdoor Wedding

With the warmer seasons approaching, here are some reasons to consider an outdoor wedding for your big day!

Peaceful Ambiance

Being outdoors creates a calm and tranquil atmosphere for the bride and groom and their guests too! A clear night sky filled with stars is romantic to match the mood as well.

Feels Intimate

The outdoor wedding usually feels more authentic and involves the guests in an intimate manner. Having the guests all outside allows people to bond while being in the same area. Perfect location to add activities in for your guests as well.

Less Need for Extravagant Decorations

Using flowers, greenery, and all of the other parts of nature provide a stunning base for decorations leaving less stress and work for you to go through.


You have the option to make your outdoor wedding as glamorous or low-key as you desire! Outdoor weddings have no real restrictions, so that leaves it open to match the aesthetic you love.

Natural Lighting For Photos

Golden hour makes for the perfect wedding day photos that give you an added glow that looks beautiful in pictures. Day time , sunset, and night time photos have endless possibilities and all look timeless.

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