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The Details: A Series For The Modern Bride

Hanna Gotz Studio is excited to announce our new series: "The Details".

Your “wedding planning to-do list” is long, we know. At the top of your list are the big projects: deciding on the date, finding a dress, and picking the perfect venue. Of course, these are important but what if we were to tell you the smaller aspects are just as important?

As always HGS is here to share all the tips we've learned working with planners and brides along the way. We are so excited to launch our new series for the Bride Guide: The Details. This series is curated for the modern bride that wants to show off her individuality on her big day. Trust us when we tell you that the minor details can make a major difference. We will be discussing everything from hair to nails to jewelry and much more. Stick around to learn the best tips on how to make your big day sophisticated, chic, and showstopping.

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