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The Guide To Modern Courthouse Wedding Style

Courthouse weddings have been an increasing trend over the years within the wedding industry. If you are a bride looking for an intimate, low-stress and unique way to declare your love, a courthouse wedding may be just the thing for you. While there is minimal planning, here are some tips and inspiration for the perfect day.


Mini Dress

We saw that mini wedding dresses were a huge trend on the runways this past month at NYBFW. A courthouse wedding is the perfect occasion for a unique and modern wedding look, enter; the mini wedding dress. Our HGS bride paired The Josefina Top and The Idalise Skirt for an elegant, simplistic and timeless aesthetic for the big day.


Natural Hair & Makeup

A natural hair and makeup look perfectly complements the effortlessness vibe of a courthouse wedding. Keep your look raw and authentic to yourself, letting your love shine through above all. This bride opted for a glowy and peachy makeup look alongside a relaxed half-up blowout.


Petite Bouquet

The perfect accessory for a mini dress, is a mini bouquet. Opting for a more scaled-back arrangement still adds a touch of timeless tradition to your wedding day while staying true to the minimalistic aesthetic of the day. Our bride chose a monochrome look using white roses and delicate baby's breath accents.


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