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The Next Events Following An Engagement

Timeline of pre-wedding events to look forward and prepare for before your special wedding day!

Engagement Party

(4-6 weeks after engagement)

An engagement party is the perfect way to showcase your fresh engagement with you and your partner's closest family and friends. This occasion is meant to celebrate the festivities to come prior to your romantic day.

Bridal Shower

(2-3 months before wedding)

This day is for the soon to be bride! A bridal shower is a party the bride has with all of her closest friends to have fun, open gifts, and enjoy delicious food and drinks. The bride will be showered with love and anticipation from those closest to her.

Bachelorette Party

(1-2 months before wedding)

Celebrate this new chapter in life with those who went through it all with you! A bachelorette party is a way to party and let loose with the friends who were with you from the beginning. This is a weekend to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Wedding Brunch

(Week of wedding)

A wedding brunch is the perfect way to provide and showcase appreciation for everyone who is contributing to your upcoming wedding day. A day filled with relaxation and a break from the hectic schedule of planning your wedding day.

Welcome Party

(Weekend of wedding)

The perfect way to give thanks and welcome those guests who have traveled from out of town to be a part of your big day. It gives your guests an opportunity to mingle and form connections before the wedding. This carves the way for a natural and fun wedding day for all guests.

Rehearsal Dinner

(Evening before wedding day)

The rehearsal dinner is not only to have the final run through before the wedding day but it gives the couple an opportunity to express gratitude to everyone who has meant so much to them as they continue to be a part of your life and wedding. This night should be organic and stress-free with a select invite list.

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