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Tips for Finding Chic and High Quality Wedding Jewelry

Accessorizing your wedding gown with jewelry can be the perfect way to add a personalized touch on your special day.

1. Incorporating sentimental pieces

Jewelry can be a great way to get in the "something borrowed" aspect of weddings. Jewelry that comes from a loved one or a family member can add a sophisticated and meaningful addition to your final wedding look. If there is a specific piece you would love to wear on your day, make sure to bring it when trying on wedding dresses.

2. Avoid overdoing it

All wedding dresses are show stopping; some are extravagant. It's important to find balance between gown and accessories while maintaining your uniqueness and individuality.

3.Choose the right metal

Metals reflect differently based off of the undertone of every dress. It is recommended that for a bright white dress to wear timeless silver/platinum, for an ivory or champagne dress to wear classic gold, and if your dress has a soft pink hue to incorporate delicate rose gold.

4.Match the necklace to the neckline of the dress

In order to not take away from but rather compliment the wedding dress, coordinating jewelry pieces with the neckline of your dress is helpful. For example, if a bridal gown has a strapless or low neck line, a shorter necklace would compliment the décolletage. If the dress has a high neck line or a lot of detail, then opt for statement earrings instead.

5.Jewelry should be able to be worn more than once

When choosing which pieces to wear on your wedding day, try to make sure it is jewelry that you will be able to wear on more than just the one occasion.

Thank you for reading our tips to ensure the perfect jewelry pieces are selected for your special day!

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