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Use This Trending Dress Code to Ensure Your Guests Will Flawlessly Fit Your Aesthetic

Black tie, white tie, formal, casual, cocktail, the list goes on. Figuring out the perfect wedding dress code to complement your wedding still might not guarantee your guests will all look seamless. Follow this modern color-coding method that will have all of your guests looking picture-perfect.

Include a Traditional Dress Code:

Only including a color card will put everyone in the correct colors, but they won't necessarily match the vibe. To nail this, it really is about the combination of a well-known traditional dress code with the addition of a color scheme. You need to make the guidelines of your dress code very clear in your invitations, to avoid any unwanted interpretations.

Create Your Color Palette:

After deciding which traditional dress code you want to enforce, now comes the fun part! You are going to want to choose colors that complement each other and include a few pops of color to really elevate the overall look.

Tip: If you already have a wedding color scheme, you can use that as your baseline and incorporate those colors into your dress code. You should include colors similar to those in your palette but emphasize opposites because they will add dimension and vibrancy to the group.

State What is Off-Limits

If you want the guests to avoid wearing certain colors or prints, make sure you include that somewhere in your invitation. Figuring out what the bridal party is wearing first might be helpful, because you don't want your guests matching- or clashing with the people you want to stand out.

Be Accommodating and Kind

The wording is very important when it comes to dress codes because you don't want to put off guests by demanding they wear something. Saying things like: "Please indulge us in dressing in these colors:" or "We invite you to join the wedding's color palette by wearing one of these shades."

You have to consider that some guests might not want to venture out and find a brand-new outfit that will perfectly fit the vibes of your wedding. This is why it is important to include neutrals in your palette so that people won't have a hard time finding them in their existing wardrobes.

The main takeaway when setting a specific dress code is to be extra clear, and carefully choose your words when requesting that guests dress according to your guidelines so they will want to participate.

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