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Wedding Cake Trends for the Modern Couple

The wedding cake is a classic tradition people have been incorporating into their weddings for thousands of years, and it does not seem to be going anywhere. Here is some 2023 wedding cake inspiration that will be sure to make a statement:

Pressed Floral Cakes

People have really been leaning into color this year, so don't be afraid to be creative with your cake decor. Wildflowers have been a popular floral choice in 2023 weddings, and they make for great cake decor, too. Pressed flower art is normally used for things like jewelry, but also creates scene-stealing cakes.

Large, Tiered Cakes

With maximalism making a comeback, more people have included tall, tiered, and over-the-top cakes at their weddings. It is also more traditional for a wedding cake to be large, but including other dessert options and cutting down on the size of the wedding cake has become more appealing to couples. Go big or go home with a grand, showstopping cake that doubles as decor.

Lambeth Cakes

The classic British cake-decorating technique dates back to the 1930s, but social media (especially TikTok) is responsible for popularizing the style in 2023. Lambeth cakes stand out from other cakes with their distinct, ornate piping designs bordering the cake.

Jump on this wedding cake trend and channel vintage glamour by having a Lambeth cake at your wedding!

Citrus Cakes

Citrus is a great decor option for wedding cakes if you are someone that wants a refreshing pop of color with a tropical/Mediterranean feel. Thinly sliced and dried oranges or lemons catch the light, so they can create an interesting, dynamic-looking cake. They also pair beautifully with greenery and are the perfect alternative to florals.

All-White Cakes

If you want your wedding cake to stand the test of time, opt for an all-white monochromatic cake. Classic white wedding cakes will never go out of style, so they're always a safe bet. There is something so elegant about a simple, white wedding cake that is hard not to beat what's trending at the time.

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