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Wedding Guest Attire Guide

Finding the perfect dress to wear to a wedding can be tiresome and stressful. Follow this guide to feel your most confident at your closest friend's wedding days!

For a White Tie wedding...

Make sure to dress as formal as you can. This type of wedding is very sophisticated and refined.

A floor length dress paired with elegant heels is a great route to go for this type of wedding.

A helpful tip is to ensure the dress does not have too much material and test drive the heels beforehand for ultimate comfortability at this formal event.

For a Black Tie Wedding...

Slightly less dressy from a white tie wedding but it is still encouraged for women to wear a nice evening or cocktail dress with heels.

This is still an occasion where guests are able to dress up nicely but can have more freedom and creativity within their outfit of choice.

Overall very similar to a white tie wedding but for men, tuxedos are optional.

For a Semi-Formal Wedding...

This is the perfect balance between a casual and formal wedding.

Attire for women is recommended to be dressy separates or stylish cocktail dresses.

This type of wedding provides a large scale of flexibility when it comes to what a guest should attend in.

For a Casual Wedding...

A casual wedding usually calls for attendees to wear a dress but on a much less dressy scale.

These dresses are typically breezy, comfortable, and floral patterns work well too.

Think of a fresh sundress as inspiration for a casual wedding. Frilly and girly dresses are also key staples for a casual wedding.

For a Winter Wedding...

Utilizing dark and rich color tones (olive green, burgundy, midnight blue) in dress options is an amazing way to be on theme for a wedding planned within the colder months.

If the event is outside, find a shawl or dress that has long sleeves attached to keep warm.

A satin finish looks stunning for this time of year.

For a Tropical Wedding...

A wedding guest would typically wear a dress that is patterned or in a more vibrant color scheme to fit the tone of a tropical wedding.

Linen and florals are great options for a wedding guest looking to be on theme and fashionable.

Ruffles are also great additions to match the vibe of a tropical location for a wedding.

Thank you for reading! We hope you got some wedding guest dress inspiration. Follow Hanna Gotz Studio on Instagram for more!


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