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Wedding Photography Trends to Make a Statement in 2023

Updated: Mar 19

For pictures that capture the essence of the moment, here are the chic photos photographers are snapping this wedding season.

Candid Photos

Though wedding photographers still get classically posed pictures, effortless candid photos are inspiring couples everywhere as they capture the moment much more intimately.

Intentional Blur

For an even more effortless look, many wedding photographers have been taking slightly blurred pictures to create an imperfect action shot.

Drone Photography

Aerial wedding photography allows people to get photos from a unique angle and makes for showstopping pictures that highlight the venue as a whole.

Film Photography

Film photos have a homemade charm to them that is catching the attention of many young couples today. Choose film photography at your wedding if you want to embody its glamorous vintage vibe.

Thank you for reading, Hopefully, you will get inspiration from these wedding photography trends! For more bridal content, follow Hanna Gotz Studio on Pinterest, Instagram, and Tiktok.

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