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7 Ways to Memorialize Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is one that you’ll never forget. Every bride wishes they could relive the best day of their life, no matter how stressed they might have been planning it. Memorializing the event in a special way helps every married couple reminisce about where their journey first started, and there are countless methods to capture these moments in time. Here are our top 7 suggestions for how to keep your wedding alive, even years later. 

Photo via @donatellasperanza89

Polaroid Guest Signature Book

With film cameras on the rise, especially when trying to create a vintage wedding vibe, having a polaroid camera at the door for guest check-in is a unique, simple, and affordable way to keep sweet messages and fun photos. 

Photos via @vineyrdbride @cottonbirdde and @instaxhq

You can either place a book with polaroid cameras, tape, and pens for signatures and photos, or simply a basket to collect the pictures of each guest as they arrive. This book or collection of film is something that you can look back at for years to follow, remembering how your loved ones were there to celebrate with you on this special occasion. 

Day-of Disposable Cameras

Handing out disposable cameras to guests at check-in is also perfect for a vintage aesthetic, but also allows for photos to be taken throughout the wedding, capturing moments that might have otherwise been missed by professional wedding photographers. 

Photos via @TAWOSTUDIO and @serenityeventsco

By creating a digital wedding album or photo folder where all the guest pictures are uploaded, each attendee can also see the photos that were taken by themselves and others. And, who knows, you might even end up printing and framing one that you love.

Audio Guestbook

Want something a little bit more personal to remember each of your guests by? Having a telephone booth where guests leave voicemail messages at check-in perfectly encapsulates a luxury aesthetic and feel while keeping your wedding timeless.

Photos via @fetefone and @weddinghour

Voice messages truly embody timelessness on your wedding day - with each audio clip containing more personality and emotion than any written card or picture. Having an old-fashioned phone booth also creates an elegant photoshoot area, doubling as both a guest check-in and wedding decor.

Puzzle Guest Activity

This check-in idea is perfect if you're anticipating that many of your guests will bring their children, providing a little activity that'll make the day more memorable for any families attending.

This could be a little bit inconvenient if you have a big party with lots of guests arriving at the same time, but is perfect for a smaller, more intimate event.

For brides planning a family friendly gathering for their big day, this is a cute, fun, and aesthetic way to kick off the event.

Photo via @pinkbookweddings

Wedding Photographers

Quality wedding photography is a must-have for capturing classic moments in high-caliber. Whether it be for pre-wedding engagement sessions, bridal showers, couples photoshoots or day-of ceremony and reception pictures, finding the right photographer to match your aesthetic is key. Here are a few south Florida and Miami photographers that Hanna Gotz Studio Brides have loved.

Sierra Day Photography | @sierradayphotography

NR Photo + Film | @naivysrodphotofilm

Nadia Diaz Naval

Still uncertain? Check out our HGS Brides page or our Pinterest board for more photography content and aesthetic wedding inspiration.

Picking the Perfect Dress

You splurge to make sure your dress looks amazing for your big day - but what next? This is a common concern for many brides, who often end up storing their wedding dress in the back of their closet or dusty attic for the remainder of their lives, never given another chance to rock the outfit perfectly catered to them. 

Here’s a slightly unconventional way to combat this - ordering separates for your gown so the tops and skirts can be reworn for future celebrations and parties.

Hanna Gotz Studio Collection II has five different custom tops and six bottoms, ranging from sophisticated and elegant to cute and flirty. 

From an individualistic and nontraditional plunging v-neck on the Mar Top to a soft and feminine tulle ruffle corset on the Carmen Top, Hanna Gotz Studio tops can fit a variety of dress codes, ensuring a truly timeless wedding outfit. 

Pictured left: The Carmen Top paired with the Darri Skirt.

Selecting the Luz Pant, which is interchangeable with any HGS top to create a sleek and effortless look, can achieve a completely different aesthetic from the same top paired with the Darri Skirt for an elegantly formal outfit during your wedding ceremony and any black tie events that follow. And what's even better - each of these separates blend perfectly into a single piece, making it impossible to tell whether or not you're actually wearing a gown.

From left to right HGS Collection II: The Josefina Top with Mirna Skirt, Mar Top with Luz Pant, Nathalia Top, Eliana Top with Isabel Skirt, and Carmen Top

Even more options are possible when you consider the four Collection I tops, four bottoms, and three overskirts that add elegance to any look.

Not sure how to mix and match these garments to fit your aesthetic? Book a consultation with Hanna now, where you’ll be able to try on each of these designs and get professional advice on how to pair them for different events.

Designing an Aesthetic Photobooth Station

This is the perfect way to ensure everyone will be snapping cute photos that can be traced back to your big day. By setting up a designated photo area with a stand proudly displaying your wedding date, you're guaranteeing that lots of adorable pictures fitting your aesthetic will be in the camera roll of each of your guests - memorializing the day for everyone.

Photos via @wedsites and @tullechantillyweddingblog

We hope you've gotten some good ideas for how to keep your wedding timeless from this post - and we're certain you'll be grateful for the choices you made to memorialize your special day years from now. If you're interested in more wedding inspiration, make sure to check out our Pinterest page or other Bride Guide blog posts.

Loved a bridal look featured on this page? All pieces are custom made and designed by Hanna Gotz Studio in Miami. Click here to learn more about us or here to book a consultation now.


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